SaberTrace offers a powerful dark web background check service to ensure your personal or business data remains secure. Leveraging our years of intelligence and cryptologic experience supporting Special Operations, we channel our expertise into DARKINT (Dark Web Intelligence) analysis. SaberTrace identifies potential data leaks, breaches, and threats, providing you with comprehensive insights and protection.

Harnessing cutting-edge data analysis and exclusive access to darknet databases, SaberTrace ensures your digital footprint is protected, giving you peace of mind in an increasingly vulnerable online world.

Our Capabilities

Dark Web Monitoring

Continuously scan the dark web for exposed personal or business information.

Comprehensive Background Checks

Conduct thorough background checks to uncover digital footprints and personal history.

Data Aggregation & Analysis

Aggregate and analyze data from various sources to create detailed profiles.

Actionable Real-time Alerts

Receive instant notifications on potential data leaks, breaches, and threats.

Detailed Insightful Reports

Generate comprehensive reports that offer valuable insights for decision-making.

Secure & Confidential Access

Ensure all research and data access are conducted securely and confidentially.