SaberRescue enhances search and rescue operations using advanced RF mapping and technology. Our expertise in intelligence and data analysis allows for precise location detection by identifying signals from smart devices like phones, watches, and headphones. SaberRescue integrates advanced technology and real-time data analysis to ensure swift and accurate responses in critical situations.

Our Capabilities

Accurate Location Mapping

Utilize advanced RF technology to pinpoint the location of individuals carrying smart devices.

Real-time Alerts

Receive immediate notifications and updates on the status and location of search efforts.

3D AI Mapping

Employ cutting-edge 3D mapping technologies and AI to pinpoint RF signatures within structures.

Emergency Response Coordination

Coordinate with emergency services to provide timely assistance.

Family and Community Support

Provide support and resources to families and communities during rescue missions.

Secure Data Handling

Ensure all data collected during rescue missions is handled securely and confidentially.