Revolutionize your premises protection with SaberAlert, an innovative physical intrusion detection system that enhances traditional security measures like cameras. SaberAlert identifies unrecognized devices on your property, signaling potential intruders. Receive real-time alerts directly to your mobile app for immediate action. Additionally, SaberAlert retains unique identifiers of any intruders, providing law enforcement with critical information to help track and apprehend culprits.

Our Capabilities

Device Detection

Identify and catalog WiFi, Bluetooth, and motion signals from unfamiliar devices.

Real-time Alerts

Receive instant notifications on your mobile app for any suspicious activity detected.

Law Enforcement Integration

Share detailed device metadata with local law enforcement to aid in the identification and prosecution of intruders.

Smart Home Integration

Seamlessly integrate with your existing smart home setup to trigger cameras, lights, or alarms.

Mobile App

Manage sensors, receive alerts, and view reports through a user-friendly mobile app.

Tamper Detection

Sensors equipped with tamper detection mechanisms to alert you if someone tries to remove or disable them.